Tobacco Prevention

health_Tobacco LogoThe mission of the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP) is to address the public health crisis caused by the use of all forms of commercial tobacco products. MTUPP will work to eliminate tobacco use, especially among young people, through statewide programs and policies.

The goal of MTUPP is to reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use by:

  • Preventing tobacco use among young people;
  • Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • Eliminating disparities related to tobacco use and its effects among certain population groups; and
  • Promoting quitting among adults and young people.

Contact Us

Breanna Lindgren
Phone: 406-466-2562
Confidential Fax: 406-466-5292

Montana Quitline

For help quitting all commercial tobacco products, call 1-800-784-8669 or visit

Montana Tobacco Quit Line Services are:

  • Staffed 7 days a week: 5:00 AM to 11 PM, MST with 24 hour voicemail. Please leave us a message and we will call you back!
  • A FREE personalized quit plan
  • 5 FREE pro-active cessation coaching sessions
  • 8 weeks of FREE nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches or lozenges). Callers who enroll in Quit Line services may be eligible for up to 8 weeks of free NRT. The Quit Line will explain to the caller how and when these medications will be mailed out.
  • FREE educational materials for health care providers as well as friends and families of tobacco users
  • A fax referral system for health care providers who have patients that want to quit using tobacco (FAX: 1-800-261-6259)

Patient Fax Referral Form

Quit Kits and Tobacco-Free Resources for Local Businesses

health_Quit Kits ImageTobacco/Smoke-free signs and Quitline materials are available to you and your business, housing complex, or school for FREE!  Contact Breanna Lindgren at 406-466-2562 for more details and to place an order.

The Teton County Health Department provides Quit Kits to local business for distribution to the public free of change.  If you would like to pass out Quit Kits to the public at your business or if you need more Quit Kits, contact Breanna Lindgren at 406-466-2562 or email

Youth reACT Program

health_reACT LogoreACT Against Corporate Tobacco is Montana’s youth empowerment movement which encourages teens to educate their peers about the truth and facts of the tobacco industry. Its education, motivation, and empowerment for Montana teens who choose to fight against corporate tobacco’s deceptive tactics.

reACT recognizes the power of teens’ determination, influence and ability to effect change. reACT focuses that power towards media literacy, peer education, and grassroots advocacy to motivate all Montana teens to fight back against corporate tobacco.

Teton County has two active reACT groups:

Choteau Junior High and High School
Youth Empowerment Coordinator: Bev Yeager

Fairfield High School
Youth Empowerment Coordinator: Tammy Smith

Contact Teton County reACT on Facebook

Clean Indoor Air Act

In 2005, the Montana legislature passed the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA), one of the most important public health policies in state history. Laws like the CIAA reduce heart attack rates by at least 20 percent. They also reduce lung disease, including lung cancer, as well as other debilitating and fatal illnesses, and they protect unborn children and young children from health problems.

The law requires all enclosed public places and workplaces to be smokefree and it requires businesses to prominently place smokefree signs on all public entrances.

The health benefits of the law are three-fold:

  • Patrons and workers alike are protected from the deadly health effects of secondhand smoke exposure.
  • More people who smoke will try to quit.
  • Fewer Montana youth will begin smoking.

October 1, 2009, marked an important day for tobacco use prevention in Montana. Full implementation of the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) requires all enclosed public places and workplaces, including bars, taverns, and casinos, to be smokefree. Laws like Montana’s CIAA protect public health and prevent diseases caused by exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The significance of this major public health policy extends to future generations who will grow up healthy in a smokefree Montana.

The majority of Montanans support the CIAA. This law belongs to Montana’s citizens and we appreciate your continued support. You can help save lives by complying with the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act. If you observe a violation of the law in any enclosed public place or workplace in Montana, you can report it by completing a violation report form.

File a Clean Indoor Air Violation