Responsibilities include development and administration of Teton County’s Subdivision Regulations, Hazard Mitigation Plan, enforcement of Floodplain Regulations, and overall land use management for the County in accordance with the Growth Policy. Our responsibilities also include facilitating communication between the landowners/developers and Stahly Engineering for the review of certificates of survey prior to filing with the County Clerk and Recorder for clerical errors and omissions and to insure exempt divisions of land are in compliance with the provisions outlined in the Montana Subdivision and Planning Act. Our office also issues new rural addresses and develops project maps for other departments. All 911 address data is created, edited and disbursed to the appropriate agencies as necessary to facilitate emergency response. This office issues floodplain permits and letters to interested parties regarding the absence of zoning in the county, when requested.


Teton County DRAFT Growth Policy

Teton County Commissioners have authorized the Teton County Planning Board to develop a Growth Policy on behalf of the County, including considerations for the incorporated towns within the County. The City of Choteau currently utilizes a separate Growth Policy.

A Growth Policy is a means of proactively preparing for change affected by growth or lack of growth. It is a community’s development plan. It evaluates existing community conditions and sets goals for housing, land use, economic development, local services, public safety, natural resources, transportation, and other unique characteristics and features of the community.

Citizens of Teton County are encouraged to get involved by reviewing the DRAFT Growth Policy now available on the project website at or in hard copy at the Teton County Planning Office. You may also leave comments on the website or mail them: Attention Teton County Planner, PO Box 610, Choteau, MT 59422.

Anyone who would like more information can contact Brian Colesworthy, Teton County Planner, (406) 466-3130 or Robie Culver, Stahly Engineering & Associates, (406) 442-8594.

1 Pub.: Sept. 13, 2023




Brian Colesworthy
Teton County Planner

19 Main Ave South

PO Box 610

Choteau, MT 59422

406-466-3130 office

406-750-6788 cell

Maps of Teton County


Follow this link to the Teton County ArcGIS web page with maps, apps and demographic/economic information about Teton County MT.

New Address Form

2023 Ice Jam Press Release

Growth Policy Plans

2016 Growth Policy Plan

Floodplain Re-mapping Updates and Data

Information on Stream Gauges:

Montana State Library LiDAR Data{354b7afe-64b2-4d63-aa79-e6f8e01787d0}

Teton County Floodplain Map Timeline 2023

Owning Property in Flood Plain 100yr Fact Sheet

Owning Property in Flood Plain 500yr Fact Sheet

Owning Property in Floodway Fact Sheet

10 Questions to ask your potential floodplain consultant

Change Your Flood Zone Designation |

Flood Insurance Links and Resources

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Flood Insurance | Montana Commissioner of Insurance (

Risk Rating 2.0 Discounts Risk Rating 2.0 Discount Guide-508c

Risk Rating 2.0 Explanation Guide Risk Rating 2.0 Rate Explanation Guide

Floodplain Regulations

*Floodplain Permit Application Fee is $200*

*Floodplain Variance Permit Application Fee is $250*

July 2022 Floodplain Regulations

Permit Information:  Permitting and Regulations (

Floodplain Variance Application

Subdivision Regulations/Forms

Updated Fee Schedule 8.18.22

2013 Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Application


Process Sheet- Exemption

Process Sheet- Expedited

Process Sheet- Minor Subdivision

Exemption Review Application


All subdivided property must be approved by the Planning Board.

Contact Brian Colesworthy at 406-750-6788 for questions.

Subdivision Exemptions

Montana Code Annotated 2015. 76-3-201.
Exemption for certain divisions of land — fees for examination of division.

Montana Code Annotated 2015. 76-3-207.
Divisions or aggregations of land exempted from review but subject to survey requirements and zoning regulations — exceptions — fees for examination of division.