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Weed Board

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About the Weed Board

The County Weed Board and Weed District was set up in accordance with the Montana State Noxious Weed Law. Typically, each county in Montana sets up a Weed District that is administered by a Weed Board. The Weed Board oversees the business and weed management activities of the Weed District. The Weed Board consists of 5 members representing 5 different geographic areas of Teton County. Board member terms are  3 years. New members are appointed by the County Commissioners.

Weed Board Members

  • Lyle Weist, Chair
  • Cliff Heuscher, Vice Chair
  • Kyle Burgmaier
  • Wayne Gollehon
  • Levi Ostberg

Weed Board Upcoming Meetings and Agendas

The Weed Board meets the second Thursday of each month. The meeting times and dates are posted at the Courthouse and in the local paper. All Weed Board Meetings will be held in the Teton County Courthouse Conference Room. All Weed Board Meetings are open to the public.

Weed Board Bylaws

Weed Board Bylaws are available at the Teton County Courthouse.

Weed Board Meeting Minutes

All Weed Board Meeting Minutes are available at the Teton County Courthouse.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments for the Weed Board, please contact:
Mark Korte
Phone: 406-466-2155
Email: mkorte@tetoncountymt.gov

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